Ride Russia, China, Tibet, Everest, Nepal and India to Mumbai in 2019

Ride with me from the UK, across Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to China.  Ride into Tibet on the G219, through the Himalayas to Everest base camp, then into Nepal and India to Mumbai. Approx 56-60 days.  Departs summer 2019

Approx route below – if we can we also want to include the  Leh-Manali highway, one of the highest roads on the planet.

First things first.  Price.  I can’t calculate an exact price until nearer the time but I currently estimate it to be £6-7k + visas + carnet +  your flight home.  Price is for approx 60 days shared B&B + bike freight back.   Reckon on between £2-3k spending money. The trip is also post Brexit which could cause significant currency shifts.  The prices will firm up as we approach the date but my estimates are hopefully in the right ballpark at least.  So… if that doesn’t scare you… read on…

To get a good idea of this trip – please read my blog of the 2017 ride.

This trip spends a considerable time at very high altitude. For a more comprehensive overview of this trip, please read the riders notes

All other expenses at riders own cost.  These include visas (China≅ £260, Russia ≅ £100, India £100, Nepal  ≅ £25), ferry, travel insurance, road insurance (where available, e.g. Kazakhstan), Flight to UK ≅ £450. Non UK residents may need an additional visa for Kazakhstan.

India requires you get a Carnet – a bike passport – the price of which is dependant on the value of your bike.  At approx £7k my carnet would be approx £250.  The Carnet application requires you to ‘deposit’ a large amount of money with the Carnet agents.  In my case this would be approx £7000.  This money (less approx £500) is returned to you when you return the Carnet when you get home and prove the bike has left India.  So the total cost of the Carnet is approx £750 based on the value of your bike.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, then please contact me and I will be happy to tell you more about these fabulous areas of the world.

The bike would be imported back into Southampton docks – takes about 6-8 weeks.

10 thoughts on “Ride Russia, China, Tibet, Everest, Nepal and India to Mumbai in 2019”

  1. I am very much interested in the trip. However, we are starting in Porto, Portugal (probably 2-4 riders) could meet up with the group in France or Belgium thru Xigaze, Xizang (Tibet), China. Then, traveling to Goa, India thru Nepal or Bhutan.

    Would you be able to accommodate this?


  2. Hi
    I’m very interested in this.
    What size of group are you hoping/planning on taking. I know that it depends on the response but do you have a max size in mind?
    Any further details that you can provide re visa’s etc. would be most helpful.

    Cheers Steve

  3. Hi,
    Always wanted to do this but probably too dubious to do it alone….
    I have just found this and I am very interested…
    However, Am I too late to be considered?
    I would love more details

  4. I have just found this, what type of bikes are people taking? I thought there were restrictions on the size of bikes you can take into thailand, vietnam, cambodia etc.

    I am actually very interested in this trip but do not know if I can afford the China stage at the moment in time.

    Would love a few more details from you

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