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  1. Dear Overlander

    England based. I would like to motorcycle on a trip to China, before I get too old.

    However, I am 65 and have heard that over 60 year olds are not permitted a china driving licence, for riding a motorcycle?

    Could you please let me know otherwise…

    Thank you and kind regards

    1. Hi Linus

      I did this trip in 2014 and we had a 69 year old rider with us. He had no problems obtaining the license and in fact he plans to come again next year as a 70 year old!

  2. I am a novice rider with only 5000miles on clock since getting my licence. I am 68 yrs old and would very much like to an epic tour. I have not done any riding on gravel roads or water logged roads.
    However I have joined IAM and hope to improve my riding skills.
    In Lahasa, Tibet I came across riders from UK who had travelled overland from London with Globebusters. This got me interested and on my return I got by CBT and then a full license in less than a year.
    Do you think with my limited riding experience I would be able to join an organised trip. Would value your input.

  3. Hey Jason
    I met up with Nigel today, haven’t seen him since the day we all rode out of Hyder! He mentioned you and this site so I had a look and read your blog on our 2010 Pan Am trip. Had a good laugh reading all your angry rants. It certainly was an adventure, taught me a lot though. I started travelling again the year after and carried on for 4 and a half years. Hope you’re doing well pal. I will always remember that angry toad leaking all over you at the Costa Rican Eco Hostel lol. Take it easy mate.

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