Ride Russia, China, Tibet, Everest and beyond in 2019


Ride with me from the UK, across Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to China.  Ride into Tibet on the G219, through the Himalayas to Everest base camp, then on to Lhasa and along the glorious G318.  One of the best roads on the planet.  Then continue on to Asia.  Approx 67 days. 12000 miles. An accompanied ride in 3 sections. Departs Aug 2019

To get a good idea of this trip – please read my blog of the 2017 ride.

This trip spends a considerable time at very high altitude. For a more comprehensive overview of this trip, please read the riders notes

The quoted costs below are approximate as the trip is some distance away.  The trip is also post Brexit which could cause significant currency shifts.  The prices will firm up as we approach the date but my estimates are hopefully in the right ballpark at least.

Stage 1: London to China.  28 days. Flat daily rate of approximately £75 based on 2 sharing (£TBD pillion) includes Bed and Breakfast (where available) with the option to join enroute and complete the stage.

We will leave the UK and head east across Europe.  Through Holland, Germany, and Poland then into Lithuania and Latvia.  We will cross into Russia and ride up to St Petersburg  then down to Moscow, taking a couple of days at each to soak in the sights. From Moscow we will head south through Tambov to Saratov on the vast Volga river before crossing into Kazakhstan. Across the vast flat plains out into the wilderness we will stop in Aralsk, the town that used to be on the sea but is now in a desert.  We then continue south, past the soviet cosmodrome at Baikonur,  then down towards the cool mountains of Kyrgyzstan and respite from the heat.  Approximate route:


The mountains suddenly raise up out of the plains an we enter beautiful Kyrgyzstan.  Such a beautiful country and so friendly.  A real delight to ride in too.  Lovely mountain roads, cool air and incredible lakes.  We will track south following the path of the old silk road up to Tash Rabat where an ancient road house still sits amongst the mountains. From there, up to the Tourgart pass and to the China border.


Stage 2: 27 days China to Laos via (hopefully!) Tibet along the G219 and Everest base camp,  then Lhasa and east along the G318.  This route is subject to the permission of the Chinese government and mother nature cannot be guaranteed. All we can do is apply and keep our fingers crossed.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation, guides, insurance, temporary Chinese driving licence and all documentation and permits to ride your bike through mainland China.  Approx £5600.  Approximate route:


Stage 3:  At this stage I’m not sure of which route we will take in Asia.  We will either continue in China to Hong Kong, go into Laos->Cambodia and Viet Nam to Hanoi, or into Thailand and Bangkok.  10 days at approx £75 a day.

Freighting the bike back to the UK will be approx £1000.

All other expenses at riders own cost.  These include visas (China≅ £260, Russia ≅ £100), ferry, travel insurance, road insurance (where available, e.g. Kazakhstan), Flight to UK ≅ £450. Non UK residents may need an additional visa for Kazakhstan.

Laos, Thailand and Viet Nam require permits and other documentation to travel through.  Only a very few companies have been granted permission to issue permits and organise travel for foreign vehicles.  All these companies reside in their parent countries.  Nobody in the UK  can officially offer any guided service through these countries.  I will coordinate our travel through these areas with the relevant permit agents and guides.  The costs of these services can be approximated but will have to be firmed up closer to the time.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, then please contact me and I will be happy to tell you more about these fabulous areas of the world.

The bike would be imported into Southampton docks. Importing back into the UK unfortunately incurs custom and freight handling charges.  These can be significant but if we get enough bikes to fill a container these charges drop considerably and may even be subsumed within the £1000 quoted above.

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  1. Interested in your trip, having done a similar one in 2014, when I promised myself that I would ” be back!”

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